In case of doubt whether an object which is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, such as a place of worship, a house or other dwelling or a school, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed not to be so used.

- Direct quote from the Protocol Additional to the 1949 Geneva Conventions (Protocol 1), June 8, 1977

And yet, since July 8th, four UN schools have been hit by Israeli fire. Four. The military attacked the school in Beit Hanoun today, as UN officers were arranging buses to evacuate civilians, after providing the Israeli military with exact coordinates of their schools, after attempting to obtain a momentary humanitarian pause to access internally displaced persons within the school.

There is no excuse for such behavior. None. 

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Tony Harris on Al Jazeera is giving me so much life right now. It’s about time journalists started asking serious questions. Covering serious issues.

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